Employee awards: what they are and why you should give them

Employee awards are an excellent method to recognise a dedicated employee. If your firm had a good year, with targets fulfilled and sales goals met, then rewarding those key employees who played a vital role in accomplishing this is a way to show your thanks for all the employees’ hard work. There are many trophies and awards with many titles available.

Employees that go above and above and work hard to meet and exceed their workplace objectives and goals should be rewarded. Not only does rewarding them make them feel good about all of their hard work, but it also pushes them to work even harder in the future.

When a new employee begins working for the firm, they always do their jobs with excitement and desire. However, as time passes, the employee’s motivation to perform at their job may wane as they get de-motivated, or they may suffer from a loss of confidence and enthusiasm as the repeated work cycle continues. This can lead to other problems such as employee fatigue, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

trophies and awards

However, recognising your employees may provide them a boost and drive them, as well as inspire and encourage other team members who may want to earn the award in the future. As a result, awarding your best team members with a staff award recognises their achievements while also sending a message of inspiration and encouragement to other employees. Furthermore, it distinguishes the hardworking employee from the rest of the workforce and serves as an example for others to emulate. Giving trophies and awards is like a pride to the employee. This will make them motivated and do more work as well.

Furthermore, traditional behaviour psychology research have demonstrated that recognising and rewarding a certain behaviour, such as completing sales objectives or corporate goals, leads to the desired behaviour being repeated. As a result, granting employee recognition awards will result in increased workplace productivity and more favourable company outcomes.

There are several reasons why you should provide employee awards to your top employees. However, you may wish to give the employee with a tangible award to commemorate the moment and to underline the glory of the newly assigned title.

Nothing says it better than a high-quality glass trophy that can be enjoyed for years to demonstrate your love and appreciation to your loyal staff. That is precisely what employee recognition awards provide.

Why You Should Use Banners to Promote Your Business

Whenever you are talking about promoting your business, there are a lot of ways through which the promotion can be done with ease. Now, as far as the banners are concerned, you can easily find some great options that are available in the market but going with the right one is always the key, to be honest. As it makes life a lot easier and hassle free.

With that out of the way, I would tell you that there are a lot of reasons that you should go ahead and promote your business using banners. It does not matter if you are talking about small businesses or something else entirely, but this is definitely going to benefit you a lot.

You can check the reasons below.

Easily Accessible

One of the best things about going for banners is that they are easily accessible. You do not have to go through a lot of hassle as far as promoting your business through banners is concerned. Sure, you might have some issues in the start but once you are actually aware of what needs to be done, things are not going to be complicated at all and that is what makes it so good.

Great Options

You will also need to understand that there are a lot of amazing options that are available whenever you are trying to go ahead and promote your business. Therefore, if you are looking into it, it would be really good if you are focused here and that is the goal, to be honest. Always look into this and I can assure you that things will be just fine for everyone involved and not the other way around.

Business Card Mistakes We Need to Avoid

Now that you are here, before going any further, just think about a few mistakes that you could make when you are getting a business card designed. I know you might not be able to find a few even if you think on top of your head, and that is the situation with me, too. I cannot seem to think about anything either but when you start realizing that there are multiple of these mistakes that can be made, you would be alarmed.

Now, if you are looking to have a mistake-free experience where you are able to get the best business cards possible, simply talk to us at Black Metal Kards and we can start the discussion of you having some great cards as well but as far as the mistakes are concerned, keep reading and you will find them out.

Leaving Out Important Information

I believe many times, people just simply overlook the details that they should not be and that is going to cost you a lot in terms of the fact that your business card will look empty and worthless. Always put your contact details because if there is no way for people to contact you then you have just printed the cards for no valid reason.

Using The Wrong Font or The Images

Fonts are important because they are going to reflect a lot. Imagine using a Comic Sans on a business card, I would not want to look at it again. However, a proper font like Times New Roman or Robot Condensed, and I will look at the business card without a worry. The point here is that you need the right image and the font to go on your business card so you can be at ease knowing everything is in order.

NASDAQ VXRT: Is It The Right Time to Invest in Vaxart Stock?

Most of the investors are preferring to invest in stocks on vaccine making companies. There are many companies that are coming up with their own vaccine solution to fight Covid-19.

If you invest in a company with good potential, it will help you to magnify your earnings. While many people are investing in Pfizer and Modern stocks, there are other companies that are worth investing in.

Vaxart at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-vxrt is one such vaccine development company. This company has a different approach to fight Covid-19 as they are using actual pills instead of giving a vaccine jab.

What is Vaxart?

It is a biotechnology company that is moving forward in the race to develop a vaccine for fighting Covid-19. This company American company is known for discovering, developing and selling oral vaccine.

They are using pills that are temperature-stable and easily to ship. You don’t need to transport it using specialized refrigerators. Candidates don’t need to take an injection shot.

They can simply consume the pill without any administration and monitoring. Vaxart has already developed a tablet for the Influenza virus. Last year in the month of January, the company came with the idea to develop a similar tablet for Covid-19.

The tablet was tested in animals and showed positive results, which further encouraged them to boost the tablet development process.

Investing in Vaxart Stock:

Vaxart is doing quite well in the stock market. The stock prices are moving up and down between $6 and $8. However, in the month of February, the stock price went up to $23.

It shows that Vaxart is a good option for investment. There are many factors that make this stock better than others. Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest in NASDAQ VXRT.

  • Innovative Approach: While most of the companies are searching for a vaccine that can be given by injection, Vaxart has a different approach. They are developing tablets. The benefit of using a tablet is that anybody can take with without monitoring. It is easy to consume and easy to transport and store as well.
  • Vaccine Hesitators: Most people are hesitant to take vaccines under the preconceived notion that vaccines are bad. However, the same people are ready to take pills for the same. Vaccine hesitators can be a game-changer for Vaxart.
  • Competitive Advantage: Even though there are many competitors in the market, Vaxart enjoys a competitive advantage overall. They are going to start phase 2 of the clinical study for the pill by the second half of the year. If they are successful, it will boost NASDAQ VXRT price. So right now, when the price is low, it is a good opportunity to invest in the stock.

You can find more stocks such as nyse og at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-og for investing.

Completes Chemomab Mix With Anchiano Therapy

(NASDAQ: CMMB) at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-cmmb Chemomab Ltd., a biotech firm in the developmental phase, has announced today the completion of its merger with Anchiano Therapeutics Ltd to research and develop novel therapeutics for fibrotic diseases with high unrest (“Anchiano”).

The combined firm will start trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market with the symbol “CMB” starting on March 17, 2021 and has changed its name to Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd.

Chemomab Therapeutics (“Chemomab”) has secured a $45.5 million gross proceeds from the selling of US Disposal Shares (ADSs) and guarantees private public equity investment (PIPE) finance.The finance is led by current and established Chemomab investors, including Cormorant Asset Management, OrbiMed, Peter Thiel, Presight Capital and Apeoner Investment Group from Christian Angermayer.


Chemomab anticipates using its private placement net proceeds to perform its CM-101, a novel antibody for unusual fibrotic disorders and for developing its earlier-stage portfolio in three phase 2 clinical trials. In February (NASDAQ: CMMB) revealed that patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis were enrolled in a Phase 2a trial of CM-101 SPRING review (PSC).

Chemomab expects to enter a Phase 2 systemic sclerosis (SSc) trial later this year for patients. PSC and SSc are inflammatory-fibrotic disorders which affect various organs including PSC liver, SSc skin and lungs.

Both signs have substantial unmet requirements with weakening effects in patients and no existing medication choices for FDA-approved condition changes. Chemomab is also advancing CM-101 to a phase 2a clinical trial in patients diagnosed with non alcoholic steatohepatitis for testing of CM-101 subcutaneous formulation and its anti-fibrotic effect.

Binding agreement

During 2021-2022, clinical reading is planned. In addition, Chemomab today also confirmed a definitive deal to sell $ 1 million of Anchiano’s preclinic RAS programmes to Kestrel with Kestrel Therapeutics Inc.

We are enthusiastic about Chemomab’s ongoing success and think it will help our merged business to speed up the development of our clinical programmes while further developing the products pipeline, as well as becoming a publicly held company and funding from a consortium of excellent investors,” said Dr Adi Mor (Chairman and Co-General of Chemomab). “We currently have a balance sheet of $55 million that provides enough capital.

“We are proud to sponsor the exciting developments at (NASDAQ: CMMB)said Dr Stephen Squinto, Chairman of the Chemomab Board and Executive Partner at OrbiMed. In patients with diseases like PSC or SSc, disease modification therapies are desperately needed, and we think CM-101 will target the inflammatory and fibrotic pathways underlying both illnesses.


For the merger, the reverse division of Chemumab shares was 4:1 and the number of common shares per ADS, which is followed by 20 common shares of an ADS, has risen since then. In this context, the reverse division was achieved. There are many other stocks like nasdaq clov which you can buy at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-clov.