Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment method that uses microneedles to treat your hair loss by depositing a natural pigment into the scalp. The pigments create a natural shaved-hair look that helps to restore the natural look of the person with hair or with a shaved head based on their wishes. Learn More about the HD Hairlines methods method to get a solution for your hair loss problem.

Before choosing this treatment method, check whether the treatment provider is well-trained and certified to provide treatment. Choosing an uncertified technician compromises your treatment. As a result, your appearance may not be natural and may have some unintended consequences. When choosing treatment, choose a verified technician to provide treatment.

This is like a tattoo technique that uses natural pigment on your scalp. These pigments help you to cover the bald spots. Baldness can make a person appear frightening and cause emotional loss. In such a case, scalp micropigmentation is a great option to treat your head’s hair loss. Baldness is common for many men who have emotional stress and other mental issues. They need treatment to grow back the lost hair in their heads. Scalp micropigmentation is used to treat the case and cover the area of baldness.


Do these scalp micro pigmentation fade?

Yes, depending on the prevention methods you used after pigmentation, they fade in different ways. The fading occurs in the pigmentation process after 5–6 years. If you take better care of the pigment, it will last longer. If the pigment has faded, the clinic can re-treat it. To avoid fading, protect the treatment area from direct sunlight and avoid spending extended periods of time in a hot room.

Learn More about HD Hairlines micropigmentation on your scalp before undergoing the treatment procedure. What are the consequences of this process? When you do not receive treatment from a certified technician, you may experience symptoms such as

  • Allergies
  • Needle safety
  • Color difference
  • Unnatural appearance
  • improper length of appearance

So, be aware of the treatment technique that is provided by an experienced technician. Some of the areas on your scalp are more sensitive and cause more pain. If you receive treatment from a technician who lacks experience, you may suffer a variety of consequences. If you are experiencing heavy pain, it is better to stop and go with some other treatment provider. This treatment process won’t cause more pain for the patient.