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Obtaining the right locksmith can be a challenge. There are three steps that should be taken when getting a new locksmith pompano to install your lock system. First, you should do a search and visit reputable websites, asking for referrals from friends or co-workers if they have a recommendation. Second, Ask them their rates and how many locks they can install at one time.

Formal Verification

Once you have your locksmith in mind, perform a Google search or a phone call to verify that the locksmith is still in business and does not have any complaints. The last thing you want is for your company to invest all of their money in a new lock system, only to find out it does not work. Once you are satisfied that the locksmith is reputable, contact them for an appointment.

Quotes and Rates

When you get a new locksmith, they will provide you with a quote and rates over the phone. Do not be afraid to ask for a quote in writing, especially if the locksmith is going to charge you more than $500. Most reputable locksmiths will not have an issue giving you a quote, but some might actually walk out if they feel that you are trying to rip them off in some way. If this happens, then their credibility will probably be in question.


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The last step is to place your order for the locks and keys, or installation if you are using a self-service. The locksmith will show up within one to two days, depending on how far away they are from you. They might ask for a deposit to hold the lock system until it is complete, but can be waived in some cases. Once your new lock system is installed, make sure that you set a reminder on your calendar so that you remember to update all of the keys after installing them.

What to do If Something Goes Wrong

If something goes wrong, then you need to address it immediately. Most reputable locksmiths will be willing to fix any problems, but sometimes there are limitations from their end. The best thing that you can do is try to fix it yourself if they cannot help you. This way you can get the lock system up and running as soon as possible.


When you are looking for a new locksmith, the best way to start is to look for the best locksmiths on the internet. There are a number of professional websites that will have verified information regarding locksmiths. Just type in your zip code and find the best. Most of these websites will have a couple of different reviews, letting you know what others have said about their service. The more reviews you can find, the better off you will be with your choice in a new locksmith.