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The definition, the main and fundamental characteristics as well as all that is useful and necessary to know on the subject of mobile homes, real customizable homes, of great savings and respectful of the environment

What are mobile homes?

These buildings represent real housing units built through the assembly of materials made with the contribution of the most modern technologies, mainly modular insulated panels , iron frame, ecological supports and attentive to respect for the environment: above a base made with materials fire-retardant with high load-bearing capacity, finished in PVC and wood-edged for greater wear resistance, a hot-dip galvanized chassis is placed on it, complete with rubberized axle.

Entirely insulated with a thermal coat , roof and walls structure in insulated polyurethane, aluminum windows and thermal chamber , the mobile homes are perfectly adaptable to the external climate. Everything is entirely designed and built with the utmost care for the particular needs of insulation as well as furnishing , their own needs and similar to those of a canonical home.

As far as plant engineering is concerned , this is carried out in full compliance with current and current safety regulations . In short, mobile homes represent real modules of furnished homes complete with electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems as well as all the necessary windows and sanitary systems.

Main features

Each rental includes every element necessary to ensure adequate livability, the same that can be found in the context of the residence within a usual and common housing solution as we know it and to which we have long been accustomed. For these reasons, a mobile home will be equipped with the most appropriate services such as a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet , a living area with kitchen and an adequate department for the night , built and divided according to different space division models and in the most various sizes. : it will be possible to start from very small and contained dimensions, relatively around 18 square meterswith a maximum of two beds up to more consistent structures such as real apartments on a surface area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 60 square meters with kitchen, three bedrooms and central living room.