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Any system that transports fluids for a variety of purposes is considered plumbing. To transport fluids, plumbing employs pipes, valves, plumbing fittings, tanks, and other equipment. The most typical functions of plumbing are waste disposal, potable water delivery, and heating and cooling (HVAC), although these are not the only ones. The name is derived from the Latin word plumbum, which means lead, because lead pipes were the first practical pipes used during the Roman era.


A system of pipes and fittings built in a building for the distribution of potable water and the removal of waste water is sometimes referred to as plumbing. Working with pipes, tubing, and plumbing fittings for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste is the skilled trade of plumbing. A plumber is a person who installs or fixes plumbing fixtures, water heaters, and piping systems. Due to the need for clean water and the necessity for effective waste collection and transportation, the plumbing sector is a fundamental and significant component of every industrialized economy. In addition to straight pipe or tubing, plumbing systems also need a variety of fittings, including valves, elbows, tees, and unions.

Definition of plumbing

The network of tanks, pipes, fittings, and other equipment needed for a building’s heating, sanitation, and water supply.

System of Plumbing

All sanitary and storm drainage systems, vent pipes, roof drains, leaders, and downspouts, as well as all building drains and sewers, including their respective joints and connections, devices, receptacles, and appurtenances within the property, water lines within the premises, potable, tap, hot, and chilled water piping, potable water treating or using equipment, fuel gas piping, and all plumbing fixtures and traps are included in the plumbing system.

Focused Plumbing

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The following components make up the system:

  1. The system for supplying and distributing water. transports water to the building’s different water-using locations from the building’s water supply, a street main, or a pump.

The plumbing components. the containers that hold the delivered water and make it accessible to the building’s residents.

  1. the plumbing arrangement. the internal piping system of the structure that transports all wastes and feces (sanitary drainage) and stormwater (storm drainage) from the plumbing fixtures to a disposal site or a treatment facility.