Bowling game guide

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Now is the time to play.

Everyone can enjoy bowling, according to the time zone. They offer the best bowling experience with cutting-edge scoring systems to pique one’s competitive spirit. The lanes even have bumpers for the little ones to participate in the games and have fun.

Families will also enjoy Mini Bowling, offered at some Timezone locations,and can be found by typing bowling near me. To expose kids to the fun of bowling, the Mini Bowling lanes are carefully created with lightweight balls and fun animated features.

Their bowling alleys have UV lights and music to get one in the zone, and each lane has its seating area where one can support their team. Bring one’s bowling partners along for a fantastic game!

bowling zone


  • Lane allocation for the bowling game will depend on the number of lanes available at any particular time.
  • The budget must strictly follow the First Come, First Serve principle and be done according to the waiting list record at the bowling counter.
  • The guests are asked to confirm their intended game plays at the time of allocation, which cannot be increased later, to ensure a fair chance for all guests to play.
  • If guests are waiting to play, the number of games indicated in the waiting register cannot be raised.
  • Keep checking the waitlist to see when the turn comes up. If the customers are unavailable when it is their turn, the lanes will be given to the next waiting customer.
  • The timezone crew at the bowling alley will confirm the waitlist guests’ projected arrival time. This, however, is subject to modification if there is a game bug or any other problem that prevents or delays gameplay.
  • The Timezone Management’s decision on game distribution is still final and enforceable.

Bowling options in Bangalore

  • Go Bowl- Gopalan Arcade Mall
  • Amoeba Mantri Mall
  • Amoeba- MG Road
  • Fun Factory

Bowling centers can be found by searching with the keywords bowling near me.Playing at any Time Zone venue in India qualifies one for benefits through the Timezone Rewards membership program. Rewards range from free game credits, additional e-tickets, unique bonuses, and so much more, depending on membership tiers.

Bowling is a perfect game for anyone to relax from their hectic and tiring schedule. Also, children can get a pack of reasonable enjoyment by playing this game.