A house’s Feng Shui is frequently influenced by the landforms in its immediate vicinity, how well it is laid out, and its facing direction. 60% of a home’s Feng Shui, or a sizable majority, is governed by landforms. Selecting a flat or land property that is nested within a high-quality land site is crucial. In this article fengshui singapore will be discussed.

What are some crucial factors to consider while choosing a reliable unit?

According to the Feng Shui concepts of Emperor Landform, a plot of land should be square or rectangular. The phrase “Four Points of Gold” () was created to denote the optimum unit arrangement with no empty sectors. Yet, because the building of new Build-To-Order (BTO) homes has adopted a modular approach, contemporary dwellings frequently disregard the significance of these sectors. As a result, missing sections are typical in modern dwellings.

While choosing a good unit, keeping your aims and desires in mind is crucial. For instance, couples trying to get pregnant should avoid choosing a BTO unit that lacks the northeast and west sectors, which stand in for the family unit’s young children.

Selecting a unit that lacks the northwest and southwest regions is not advised for married couples with children. The absence of these sectors suggests a lack of authority or power in their field of endeavour, which could result in a wealth leak.

What location should your kitchen be in?

The kitchen is the hub of the home’s riches and is said to control the health of the family. The following areas of your house should not be located since they correspond to the fire element:

North sector: The reproductive organs of the body are correlated with this sector, which is connected to the water element. If the kitchen is located in this area, it creates a conflict between the fire and water aspects, portending upcoming conception troubles.

Northwest sector: The sector is a representation of the metal element, which corresponds to strength and control in professional or commercial endeavours. A fire-metal elemental clash that results in instability in a person’s work or business and challenges with wealth building occurs when the kitchen is located in the Northwest region of the house.

West sector: This sector, which also corresponds to the metal element, stands for harmony and communication. Conflicts and discord among family members may develop from the ensuing clash of the fire and metal elements in the home.

What is the best direction for my home to face?

Any home’s best facing direction depends on the inhabitants’ Bazi charts. Each individual’s Bazi chart coincides with a certain Gua number, which highlights auspicious and inauspicious orientations, according to studies of the Eight Mansion Theory in Feng Shui. To accurately do the calculations and guarantee the choice of a home with the best direction, these calculations need the assistance of an experienced Feng Shui master.