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SCANA Energy is Georgia’s largest natural gas supplier. It supplies gas to 475,000 households and numerous businesses. It is the state’s top natural gas supplier since 1997. It has reasonable rates and there are no surprises. It is therefore worth looking into if you are looking for a new supplier. SCANA can assist you in finding the best energy solution, whether you require gas or new sources of electricity.

The Scana Energy Regulated Program was selected by the State of Georgia as the natural gas supplier for people with low incomes. It was launched in 2004. This program is not government-funded however, it does provide natural gas to households with low incomes who are not able to access other natural gas providers. In essence, the SCANA company is a regulated service provider, and, in turn they can determine rates.

Although the company offers some reasonable rates, it does not have the monopoly on a segment of the market, and as a consequence there is some competition between natural gas marketers. The company also offers a wide range of plans that are affordable for small-business owners and consumers. owners. For instance, there is a FlexRate plan that lets customers choose from a range of options. A traditional fixed rate plan, that offers the same natural gas rate for the term of the contract, is also available. Of of course, you must be aware that the rates you pay will differ based on where you live. It’s a good idea to compare prices before you sign on the dotted line.

One of the most notable achievements of the company was its regulated program. The company adhered to the state’s regulations by creating distributors’ networks to meet the needs of its customers who are regulated. Snapping Shoals Energy Management Corporation and Greystone Power Corporation are among its partners. These companies have worked together to offer consumers the best prices on electricity and gas in Georgia. They currently provide services to more than 460,000 customers.

Despite the success of the program it was not without controversy. SCANA’s compliance with the agreement resulted in a lawsuit. The court ultimately confirmed the award. However, SCANA’s motion for vacatur.

The company is not likely to change its position on this matter anytime soon. It is likely to appeal the decision. However, it may be required to accept the $1 fee in the near future. The state has not yet given its consent to the rate change.

It is not a secret that Georgia is a competitive market. Natural gas marketers are fiercely competitive, so consumers should be prepared for some issues in the event of a decision to switch. If you’re thinking of switching gas providers ensure that you do your homework and compare rates to figure out which one is the most economical.