EttiluxHome is a home aesthetic theme shop headquartered in the United Kingdom passionate about bringing warm and vibrant surfaces, tones, and examples of diverse societies directly to its customers’ homes. Our things are from Morocco’s chartbook heaps, and all contribute to ethical production and supportability. We’re here to help everyone create a home they’ll like living in. We promise to make high-quality craftsman floor coverings affordable to the general public and keep our costs and arrangements as low as possible.


Extravagance floor coverings in awe-inspiring designs

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for some people daily.” That’s upbeat, succinct, and honest. More than that, it establishes the company’s tone and underlines that they’re in the business of providing good products at reasonable prices that suit everyone’s lifestyle.

What makes rugs important?

In my opinion, rugs are to a sharp-looking ensemble what shoes are to a sharp-looking outfit. You wouldn’t go to picking out your nicest clothes for a night out only to walk about barefoot. Mats follow a similar rule. Shoes complete an ensemble and, in some cases, will completely dominate it, presuming you need them. Mats are in a similar situation. They may make a big difference in how a room looks and feels.


The size of your carpet should be determined by the elements of your room, not your footstool. The negative space created by your furniture game plans might be filled by choosing an enormous carpet.

It’s important to remember the simple pleasures in life, and a rug in any place is one of them. You can find all you want at Ettiluxhome,your one place to shop for rugs.