Chicago dental implants

With the help of dental implants, you can replace a natural tooth with an artificial one. This process is carried out by connecting the tooth root, which has been created artificially by your dentist, with your jawbone. After the dental implant is connected with your jawbone, it creates a natural connection with it. This implied is used as the base to connect with the upper crown. This crown looks just like a normal tooth, and even works like one.

Dental implants are becoming more common these days, and with our dental hygiene getting worse by the day, the number of people with dental implants are expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years.

Installing a dental implant in your mouth isn’t an easy process. You have to visit your dentist multiple times for an implant to complete. Getting an implant is probably the best way to restore a lost or extracted tooth, and it’s one of the most expensive ones as well.

Cost of a Dental Implant

Chicago dental implants

On an average, Chicago dental implants can cost you between $2500 to $4500 per tooth. This price includes everything included in the dental implant, excluding the bone grafting part. That will set you back another $200-$500 depending on your gum’s condition. Tooth extraction cost is separate as well.

Dental implants can look expensive at first, but given the amount of time they can serve you without getting replaced, they are actually more affordable as compared to their alternative when you calculate the overtime cost.

Saving Money on Implants

You can use your dental insurance, if you have one to cover much of the cost of a dental implant. Moreover, you should also consider traveling to a cheaper country to get a dental implant with the same quality, but with much less price.