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Dental implants are presented to patients as an ideal or nearly ideal replacement for missing teeth. They need to be more informed about risks and advised on failure rates. Procedures can have serious consequences and are not perfect. Implants may or may not work. Patients should know the risks and understand that dental implants can fail. When properly planned, implant placement is highly predictable, safe and provides patients with a functional and aesthetic outcome.

Dental implants are used by people who usually have good oral health but have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease, trauma, etc. One important difference between dental implants and other tooth replacement methods is that dental implants do not rest on other teeth. Implants have proven to be reliable and have proven their effectiveness over time. Research shows that a dental implant can last a lifetime with proper care.

The reasons why people choose a dental implant.

Appearance. With modern technology, periodontists can place dental implants that look and feel like your real teeth. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, dental implants can secure the rest of your teeth from damage because they can prevent bone loss and gum recession. Unlike bridges and dentures, a dental implant keeps all your teeth, real or not, in great shape.

wisdom tooth extraction singapore

Adjacent teeth. Because the implant support is independent of adjacent teeth, there is less chance that the teeth surrounding the implant will be compromised. In the long term, the remaining teeth remain untouched by trauma to the neighboring tooth.

Comfort and confidence. After having a dental implant, you will not only look better, but you will also be able to live better. Dental implants help you to eat what you want, when, and where you want without worrying about what your dentures can handle. Eating confidently is difficult when your dentures don’t feel secure. With a dental implant, you won’t have to worry about awkward eating situations or the hassle of attaching your dentures with messy pastes and adhesives.

Success rate. dental implants singapore are known to be reliable and predictable in their performance. To date, there are few opponents of the benefits that dental implants can bring to patients.

Dental implants are not necessarily suitable for everyone. To be a good candidate for a dental implant, you should have good oral health and healthy gum tissue free from periodontal disease. It is important because the implant requires adequate bone in the jaw, and those suffering from jaw bone loss or another type of bone-deteriorating condition cannot place a dental implant.


Another important consideration is the experience of the person performing dental implants. Proper education is required to provide dental care to a patient, and so far, the five year implant success rate has shown a success rate of 75 to 95 percent. The success rate did not include those who experienced complications from tobacco use.