Buying houses or renting


Incorporate a rent-back provision into the agreement. With a rent-back clause, you can sell your house and continue to live there while still making rent payments to the new owner.

Each of these choices is workable, but each has its own challenges and drawbacks. Short-term housing can be expensive. If you stay a long time, your loved ones could feel taken account of. A rent-back provision is not acceptable to every buyer.


When you purchase first, you entirely avoid the housing problem because you have one home to stay in when you sell your house.

Moving costs shouldn’t have to be paid twice.

You must relocate twice if you then sell your house: once to temporary housing, and once to your permanent residence.

You might even have to spend for storing during that interim period if you have a large amount of furniture. Additionally, storage could cost nearly you thousands, if not billions of dollars if it took years to find a good home.

You’ll spend less time and money moving if you purchase your new house first. That will enable you to immediately concentrate on your relocation and all the things your new home requires to be a wonderful spot to dwell.

The burden of trying to coordinate numerous people’s schedule to facilitate showings is removed by first purchasing a new property.

It’s preferable unless you’re not around when a prospective buyer wants to view your house. So that people feel at ease to look around and inquire about it.

You shouldn’t have to bother about removing your family and animals even when a buyer requests a tour if you already reside in your new property. Setting up showings with potential purchasers will be considerably simpler for your real estate agent.


The removal of the waiting time frequently imposed most mortgage lenders, replete with investigative work and screening to accept and accept the loan, contributes to the appeal of your whole offer. Instead of having to comply with a lender’s requirements, you have more freedom with a cash deal to decide which components of the screening process are most crucial. For instance, you could decide to have the vehicle inspected but skip the appraisal. For further information read this