Maintenance by plan

Security is something every person takes seriously. Who decides to take no precautions? The answer is not a single person. This is why we have doors and why we keep the door locked. It doesn’t matter what time of the day, but most of us keep these doors locked even if we are there in the house. But it doesn’t have to be where you compromise on aesthetics to have a more secure door. Bringing you the iron door, it offers both security and elegance.

Types of doors

  • Single – They are the conventional doors where there is a door frame that allows you to lock the door. It allows you to open and close on one side and is better suited for small frames.
  • Double – The elegant option that is made of two single doors. It can be locked only when both doors are closed and meeting each other. It is better to choose this option only if there is a lot of space.


Why are wood and steel not the better choice for doors? The answer is pretty simple.

  • Wood – While it offers the highest customization and style, its durability is the least compared to the other materials. Wood will warp over time especially when exposed to extreme natural conditions like rain, heat, and more. To maintain the look of wooden doors, it becomes crucial to repaint them and replace them after some more time has passed.
  • Steel – Steel seems the ideal choice as it mixes the benefits of both materials. It is highly customizable like wooden doors but unlike wood, it requires less maintenance. They are also highly resistant to rusting. But it is susceptible to dents and scratches. This is tough to fix for steel doors. Also, the elegance of a steel door is on the lower side.

Why this choice?

There is a huge demand for doors that offer more security and customization than wooden doors. That is why iron doors are popular as not only are they secure but by adding some materials they offer better insulation compared to other products. During winter these insulating materials will retain heat in the house while in summer, the heat is emitted. It makes for a more energy-efficient house.

There are many varieties of double doors like Amsterdam door, Athens, Barcelona, Dubai, Dublin, London, and many much more. Go check these varieties out and choose the product that best suit your aesthetics.