There is an artful expression of a woman that can make a man’s head turn and his heart race, which is the beauty of a woman wearing a beach pareo in their preferred style. Often, men have eagerly sought the opportunity to make thisĀ pareo playa for their loved one. However, many people are not aware of the steps involved in tying this outfit correctly when done by individuals who are less familiar with how to tie it.

Here are tips to help men learn how to tie a beach pareo.

Remember to wear the right pareo

There is no point in making a pareo if you cannot wear it. Pareos are never meant to be worn alone, but as an outfit with a tank top or bikini top underneath. Therefore, it is a must that the female you are making this outfit for wears a tank top or bikini under it.

Pareo playa

Know the right size to choose

The pareo is meant to be worn on the hips so that it can provide the added coverage and modesty of one’s midriff while they are still wearing their bathing suit. Hence, if you intend to make a pareo as a gift for your loved one, check on them first and observe which side of their hips they wear their bathing suit on. This will be the side that they normally wear their bathing suit on.

Know the details of how to tie it

A pareo can be tied with two separate pieces or a single piece. There are several ways to tie it, but in general, the pareo is tied in a similar manner as a belt or a bow tie. The woman wearing it simply wraps the two ends of the pareo around her waist and secures them in place with a knot. To do this, she must first pass one end around her back below her arm and then bring it in front again. The other end goes around her back above her arm, reaches to the front again, and is then pulled across the first end. The knot then has to be tied right below the arms.

Get comfortable with tying it

To avoid mistakes, practice making knots and learning how to tie the pareo before giving it as a gift. After you have done this, you will be able to effectively tie it for your loved one and she will be able to wear it on their special day.