truecaller mod apk

Truecaller is the most popular app for making calls and organizing your contacts. The premium version is a little heftier but has some great features worth spending money on. This guide will show you how to download the truecaller mod apk.


You’ll no longer need to worry about struggling with text input and general lag while using Truecaller. By downloading the mod apk, you’ll also be able to download themes, wallpapers, and ringtones directly through the app without relying on Google Play or burdening yourself with ads.


Truecaller has many great features that make it the ultimate app on your Android device. Whether you’re looking to block spam calls, search for businesses or people in your area, or you’re simply looking to organize your address book, Truecaller can do it all.


If you want to access all of the fantastic features of the premium version of Truecaller, there’s no need to break the bank or resort to downloading suspicious apps from shady websites. The premium version is available on Google Play, so there’s no need for sideloading or rooting.


Many people think that you need to sideload the premium version of truecaller to access all of the features. This is not true. The solution is simple, though admittedly a little tedious. You’ll need a file manager like Astro File manager or Solid Explorer to download the apk and then install it using the built-in file explorer feature of your device.


You can follow the instructions below but be aware that they’re pretty general and may not always work as written. It might take you more than five minutes to complete this guide, but if you follow everything correctly, it should work.